Paxiom – A Global Packaging Machinery Company

Paxiom Group is comprised of five globally recognized industrial packaging machinery companies.

幸运时彩网Today, we will be discussing three of the five companies namely:

  1. WeighPack Systems
  2. EndFlex Packaging
  3. SleekWrapper.


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Integrated Packaging Machinery Leader For Nearly Three Decades

WeighPack Systems Inc. was established in 1992. WeighPack is a global, automated packaging machinery幸运时彩网 company recognized for automated weigh filling, bagging, container filling and conveying solutions. In addition, one of its core values is to provide the best value possible to its clients.

The WeighPack Company aims to put its customers first above all else, which is why it has continued to grow as a leading automatic packaging machinery provider throughout all of these years.

WeighPack PrimoLinear Packaging Machinery System

Modern Packaging Machinery Facility That Is Second To None

幸运时彩网After having introduced its new innovative packaging facilities with the most up-to-date features, WeighPack is gearing up towards a future that considers product development, equipment serviceability, and excellent customer care as its main focal points.

Six years after WeighPack Systems Inc. was built, the next machinery packaging幸运时彩网 company was established by the name of EndFlex or EndFlexPM.


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EndFlex Packaging Machinery

幸运时彩网EndFlex is a USA based company that specializes in case erectors, tray formers, automatic case. Tray loading, semi-automatic case packing, and sealing and also robotic palletizing technology.

Established in 1998, EndFlexPM has developed a diverse product line of packaging machinery that involves the capability of forming and sealing corrugated trays and cases with the use of glue, tape, or self-locking.

PopLok Packaging System

Due to its global and still expanding growth, EndFlexPM has effectively installed machines in a variety of industries such as food, beverage, apparel, beauty, health, automobile, printing, pharmaceutical and consumer electronics (among others).

Its product line consists of popular brands like:

  • PopLok
  • Vassoyo
  • Boxxer
  • Z Zag robotic palletizer

幸运时彩网It used for all shapes and sizes of cases and trays.

SleekWrapper Automated Flow Wrapping Packaging Machinery Systems

Then lastly—but definitely not the least—is the SleekWrapper company. SleekWrapper is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality food packaging machinery systems at reasonable prices.

This brand is widely known for its automatic flow wrapping machines. It only manufactures in stainless steel with the help of servo drive technology. Indeed, living proof of SleekWrapper’s commitment to its customers.

SleekWrapper Automatic Packaging Machine

The SleekWrapper lineup is manufactured in Italy. All SleekWrapper’s products are crafted for the specific needs of its packaging machine幸运时彩网 customers and built as long-lasting and high-performance machines.